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The Power of Divine Relationship: Serving Planetary Evolution

Shiva and Shakti: the Divine Union

Many of us search in our hearts for our Beloved, for our soul mate, twin flame, our ‘other half’. This divine evolutionary impulse will, if we have overcome egoic tendencies, bring us in contact with our destined counterpart, just as surely as the potent consciousness of Shiva is empowered in creation through Shakti. Shakti is nature arising from eternity and dissolving back into formlessness in the eternal Divine dance .

Some of us may be blessed to meet our soulmate and rise above the associated karmas to spread and amplify love and service in the world, greater than either could have on their own.

My Master likens it to a river flowing to the ocean of pure consciousness. He states that the Divine relationship between ‘twin souls’ is like two cliffs of a canyon, coming closer together. The speed and force of the river increases as it passes between these twin walls. So too, those in the Divine relationship speed the river of humanity towards Self-realisation. When Shiva and Shakti become manifest in their full power in this way evolution is accelerated for all who dwell on the planet.

Some of us may be blessed to meet our soulmate and rise above the associated karmas to spread and amplify love and service in the world, greater than either could have on their own.

On a sacred journey to the home of Shiva, the Himalayas, we can experience the great power when two such souls surrender fully to the potential inherent in such a love. We can benefit from this sacred flow, undiminished even by time or, in some cases, tapping into the Divine energies of those great souls who have left the body, but remain present in consciousness. Examples of souls we will encounter are: Sadhvi and Chidanand of Parmath Niketan, Bhakti and Hanuman, Nani Ma and Sri Masturam Baba and Arundhati and Vashista.

The great potential and power in such a meeting was related by Arundhati in an inner message. Although from a simple village, on meeting her Shiva (Rishi Vashishta), full realisation dawned instantaneously and she became one of the most revered of saints, who has a star in the night sky named in her memory. Although both Vashista and Arundhati have left physical bodies, when we visit the sacred caves where they lived for many years, there is a quickening of our own evolution.

Mother Ganga from Arundhati's cave

“I was born in humble circumstances. When I was twenty-one, I was taken to see the Rishi Vashista as my parents wished to know my destiny. Vashista looked at me and there was a mutual divine connection. I lost all sense of the body and felt an overpowering force that shot upward through the spine and I was transported into cosmic awareness. When Vashista brought me back, I was a new person in my body and mind. I had full knowledge of all the shrutis (vedas) and mantras, and all spiritual powers were inherent within me. I found myself centred in the heart, and knew that beyond all this manifestation there was only love. I was love. I then heard a clear voice emanating from the heart region commanding me to reach out with my heart into the heart of the universe. When I did so, I realised that there was no difference between the universe and myself. We were and remain one. I looked at Vashista and saw, not a great Rishi or Master, but a twin soul, a part of me.

Not long after this we were married. When all the rishis came they experienced that the energy around us was elevated to a different level. They realised that when they came, they too touched deeply into the oneness”.

Even today, Arundhati removes pain and fear from those struggling on the path. Together Vashista and Arundhati guide the great beneficial energies directed towards the planet from the seven great rishis on the causal plains.

Join a Himalayan journey and engage the great mystery of life, the dance of Shiva and Shakti that can never be understood by the mind, but experienced through the heart. Follow the link to read more and book your early bird spot for our upcoming trip in May 2019.