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Mountain Talk

Updated: Jan 17, 2019

Long ago the mountains were raised up from the depths of the earth. When humans first walked these lands called the Himalayas they could feel the beingness of these mountains, their spiritual energies and consciousness.

When the Rishis came to Tapovan they beheld the beauteous majesty of Shivaling. So too with Kailash. What did they understand? When they explored the depths of their intuition, they began to understand the connection. Shivaling – Kailash – the whole and the manifestation of the whole. They are one and the same.

What does this mean? Kailash sits alone as pure consciousness. Shivaling joins with Shakti in eternal dance. Arunachala is the fiery heart of the dance between Shiva and Shakti.

We see and hear Shivaling and know Him to be beyond a mere rock, but a living force in the world. When we see Kailash we know that therein lies the purity of spiritual wisdom. When we meditate on Arunachala we are transported to a realm within this reality.

They are a family, these mountains, and yet more. They are linked by subtle energies.  We can connect to the mountains through these energies. In the field of silence, we can engage in their language, and the messages they share are all to serve our realisation of the Self. Shivaling, who usually remains in the stillness, told me to go visit his brother. It wasn’t until I sought clarification that I discovered this was Kailash, who was close by if I was a bird! Kailash with great humour, pointed out my follies and guided me on the spiritual path.

When I first went to Kailash I wanted to explore the inner kora but was turned back by a force field around the mountain. I figured I needed to be purer to gain access and began to chant Lingastakam. I was hoping that Kailash would reveal the secrets of self-transformation. Kailash exclaimed  “you can’t butter me up.”

I wondered about the mystical doorway into the heart of Kailash which it is said you can enter after thirteen koras, bur he clarified. “I am here to show you the doorway to your own heart.”

I hoped that Kailash will give me a lingam as Shivaling had. I would do puja to it every day, I thought. I started looking. “Aren’t I enough for you?” was the clear response

I told Kailash I felt very far away. He said “Because you are very far away! I can only be reached through the heart. You must learn to keep your heart open always. Listen to me and I will speak to you of the truths inherent in you.

I later told Kailash he was the Divinity I had been seeking.“What you think of as Divinity is just like sacred mud. People come to take a piece and carry it away. Divinity is not like that. It is not an experience which can be carried away. Divinity is eternal. Become that Divinity”

How can I? “Peel of the outer  coatings and it will automatically stand revealed.”

Kailash made it clear that just as there is a secret doorway into his mystical heart, we must learn to recognise the doorway into the heart of our own true nature, which is the true heart of all.

These sacred mountains are continually guiding pilgrims to their own sacredness, apparently standing in the world, yet not of the world. Existing beyond creation, beyond death, no-one will ever understand their mystery. Matchless in all of creation, unable to be fathomed by the most intelligent and wise of humans, existing in a realm never to be understood.

Written by Savitri (Jenny Gottingham)