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Living within the Himalayan Mountains - Great Masters Inhabit a Vast Network of Caves

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

The Himalayas are India’s great blessing to the world. They have the unique task of being a spiritual lighthouse. Masters congregate there to do their penance and deep meditative work for the world. Two geological plates interact here creating powerful energetic points on the Earth’s surface. Due to the unique crystalline structure within the rocks, the mountains amplify and contain spiritual consciousness. The Himalayas are a special place where powerful spiritual energies can be felt.

These Masters generally remain unseen, although some emerge from time to time, or in some subtle way reveal their existence.

Because of this ability to amplify spiritual blessings as a transmitter, throughout history and even today, many great beings who work for the welfare of the world, have chosen to dwell in the caves that are found throughout these mountains. The Masters generally remain unseen, although some emerge from time to time to interact with humanity. Others reveal themselves in more subtle ways to transmit their messages of spiritual realisation, love and peace to the entire world.

There is a great siddha living under Kachakund Mountain at the head of the Gangotri Glacier. During early morning meditations at Tapovan, he often makes his presence known by blessing our practice with powerful rays of energy, or signalling with beautiful lights across the glacier. Like many of the great ones, he moves between a subtle body and a physical body.

The networks are concealed to protect the ones who work for the planet in their subtle ways.

Another of the great Himalayan Masters, I know only as Sundareswara, revealed that the cave networks are still much in use today, allowing saints and yogis to meet together with those in subtle forms, for the purpose of guiding the planet. The networks are concealed to protect these ones who work for the planet in their subtle ways. Sundareswara explained that if the world at large knew about them they would be astonished at the mystery of it. The cave networks would become a tourist attraction, and the work could not be accomplished. For this reason they are hidden. This answered my curiosity as to why a number of ancient caves, that have been discovered in modern times, such as Patel Bhuwanwswhara and Vashista Gufa in Rishikesh, have had their access to the deeper tunnel network blocked.

The sacred mountains are not mere rock. They are the living guardians of the planet

During one pilgrimage into the high Himalayan Mountains I was blessed to be shown a vision of a gathering of Great Masters. This was in a seemingly inaccessible cave high up on a rocky cliff top crag.  They were seated in a circle and playing with runes, stones from mountains on which were crafted sacred symbols.

When recently I had the opportunity to connect with Sundareswara again, I asked him about this. He explained that the Masters’ way of connecting to the energies of these sacred mountains is with these stones. That while humanity has always known this sacred science, its meaning has been lost. He explained that yagna – the sacred fire, linga – the sacred stones, mantra – the sacred sounds and yantra – the sacred markings on the stones, are all used by the great masters to create connection and meaning. The sacred mountains are not mere rock; they are the living guardians of the planet.

On my Himalayan pilgrimages I have discovered there are still many great souls, hidden to the everyday eye, who exist on this planet, playing an important role in stabilising and restoring harmony to the planet by their deep dharma (connection to purpose and higher truths). They know this planet as a paradise, but a paradise that is being undermined by greed and ego, so they use their subtle influence to stir the hearts of humanity to care for each other and to care for the planet. They wish to overcome the imbalance that has emerged through egotism and separateness. The gatherings in the hidden cave networks support all of us who are awakening to the fact that our connection to all creation and to the higher consciousness is critical at this time.

Written by Savitri (Jenny Cottingham)

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