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Kailash: Inner Reflections

Updated: Jan 17, 2019

The natural world is interconnected to the spiritual or unseen world. There are places on the planet where, if we listen inwardly in stillness, we can begin to plumb the depths of wisdom and understanding that reveal themselves to us in these ‘powerpoints’ or ‘chakras’ of the planet.

It is said that for thousands of years, Rishis and other realized beings travelled to Kailash and deposited their knowledge there in energy form. It is considered to be a great repository of mystical knowledge that can serve us on the journey of awakening to our true nature.

Two things are important in understanding this.  First there is the science of the world, that which pertains to creation. Then there is the knowledge that pertains to Self-realisation. One can be codified into language and knowledge that is useful in living in creation. The other cannot be codified and comes in the silence of the heart. There is no language.

Kailash is the place where these two sets of types of knowledge merge into a unified understanding of the Self and its manifestation - creation. That is its glory.

It is as if in this place we can touch other dimensions of reality. Science is beginning to describe creation in dimensional terms, just as the Rishis of the Vedic times described it. Kailash is like a portal or an opening to other places, other realities. In the end we come to see the ultimate reality, which is our own Self – Atma.

It has been stated that everything you want to know can be found at Kailash, as if it is a mystical library holding the secrets of creation and spirit. Shiva is said to reside there. Who is Shiva? - our very consciousness, our very Self. It is not a matter of travelling there outwardly, but attuning oneself inwardly. The outward journey reflects the inner opening to the source of wisdom within. Kailash is drawcard and a magnet for the spiritual seeker for this very reason.

Stone is said to have absorbent powers. This is a common understanding by many peoples all over the world. Kailash is said to be a great repository (perhaps even the greatest repository) of spiritual and worldly knowledge. Here, in this remote place, far from the noise and clamour of the cities and towns, we are able to go inward to meet Kailash, to meet Shiva, to meet our true Self.

For a spiritual seeker, Kailash is like touching the Ultimate Source on this planet. For one who is in pursuit of mysticism, this is the place. There is no other place like this.

Written by Savitri (Jenny Gottingham)