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Journey to the Heart of the Himalayas – Journey to the Heart of Happiness

We all have access to the ground of being, our own true nature. We overlay it with our minds, our conditioning, desires and attachments. Our version of who we think we are is built on such concepts.

If we can lay all these concepts at the feet of silence, we will discover that the happiness, joy and love we have been searching for and striving towards is our very own Self.

Looking outwards for peak experiences, in the search for happiness, is a product of our conditioning. We escape the experience of happiness that is here with us right now when we are in Divine connection.

Originally from a traditional upper-class American family, with an apparent destiny to become a paediatric neuropsychologist, Sadhvi Bhagawati discovered a deep happiness when she immersed herself in the sacred vibrations of Ganga in the foothills of the Himalayas.  She had come home! She spent many, many, days sitting on the banks of Ganga, crying. Not tears of sadness but tears of joy, of finding the inner connection to the Divine, of finding an inner happiness she could not articulate. She had come home to the Himalayas, home to herself.

Post this experience, Sadhvi returned to America deeply impressed by the happiness she had gained from her spiritual connection. She conducted her own unofficial happiness survey and questioned many American associates who had were regarded as the top of their various professions. Without exception, the response to the question “Are you happy?” was “I’ll be happy when … ”. They all saw happiness as something that would come in the future, perhaps when the new house was completed or a son graduated and found a good job. It was this realisation of the limited value of worldly objects that inspired her to return to India for a simple life of service, and to eventually take vows as a swami. She has remained in India fulfilling these vows for the last thirty years. Her Divine connection has transformed her into a lighthouse for the world.

When we stop chasing and grasping at material desires with greed and appetite and simply surrender the heart to itself, inner happiness will flow of its own accord.

Sadhvi teaches us not to be afraid to embrace our own infinite potential for happiness and to make a promise to ourselves to move through fear and self-doubt to revolutionise our lives from the heart. She says that when we stop chasing and grasping at material desires with greed and appetite and simply surrender the heart to itself, inner happiness will flow of its own accord. From this place of spiritual connection we can truly love, serve and heal both ourselves and the planet.

When we journey up into the Himalayas we will see the simple happiness shining from those that are living from their connection to the Divine. These people often have little material possession, but shine with an inner happiness that is reflected in their ready smiles and humble demeanour. A journey into the heart of the Himalayas can deeply reconnect us to the mystery of creation. Thus we are led to discovering the natural happiness that arises when we let go the striving of the ego.

Time spent in Satsang with Sadhvi at Parmarth Niketan, an ancient ashram on the banks of Ganga, is one of the great blessings available in Rishikesh.

Written by Savitri (Jenny Cottingham)

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