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Himalayan Pilgrimage – A Higher Possibility

Updated: Jan 17, 2019

A purpose of a pilgrimage is to bring us to Self-mastery, which is the beginning of true living and success on all levels. But before embarking on this great journey, some preparation is required. For the pilgrimage does not start at the base of the outer mountain, but the base of the inner mountain.

Read further to find out how to prepare the mind and cultivate the deeper dimensions of the journey.


  • Empty the head of all unwanted thoughts

  • Fill the heart to overflowing with thoughts of God

  • Slow down so we can awake to, and taste subtle energy

  • Contemplate on the wider existence beyond the mind

  • Seek the blessings of your guru(s)

  • Begin to detox on the inner and outer. Give up bad habits and create one new good habit

  • Realise the journey is not an outer one, but an inner one. The journey from the self to the Self.

Arriving with Savitri to our destination at the Peaks of the Himalayas



In everyday life we create a sense of separateness. On a sacred journey we can step out of our everyday consciousness, like taking off a set of clothes. We can then begin to

experience unity consciousness where everything flows through us.

Ground of Being

We all have access to the ground of being, this is our own true nature. We overlay it with the mind, conditioning desires and attachments. Our version of who we think we are is built on these impermanent concepts. If we can lay it all at the feet of silence, we will discover that all the happiness and joy and love we have been searching for is our own Self.


It is about discovering our natural state. Often in the busyness of everyday life, we start identifying our self with something we are not, and quickly our natural state is lost to us! Can we stop identifying ourselves with something we are not? In meditation we are not drawing predominant experience from the outside world, but the source within us.

Be in the Now

Become friendly with the now. Welcome it. Make it a friend. Honour it. Life will unfold with ease, and we will become aligned with life. When we enter the now, we experience life as sacred. A simple but radical spiritual practice is to accept what arises in the moment within and without.


Fulfill the functions needed for the body but live in the presence of the Divine.

Start to move from a physical focus to a subtle one and you’ll find that place inside, the one beyond attachments, the place of happiness. This is the path of spirituality and being on pilgrimage provides the opportunity to quicken the path. It is the journey back to our own reality. It is about prioritising our own evolution.

Trekking on the Trail

The way will open up in the face of our resolve. It is the power of Sankalp (will and determination) where we find that the will of the universe and our will become one and the same. Treading lightly with joy and chanting Gayatri Mantra maintains communion, for the pilgrimage does not start at the base of the outer mountain but the base of the inner mountain. Thus, we receive blessings.


A purpose of a pilgrimage is to bring us to Self-mastery. This is the beginning of true living and success on all levels. Only when we gain Self-mastery, are we able to make a positive impact on the world and create the change we want. Cultivating the inner strength to navigate anything life presents to us, to move through fear and self-doubt to revolutionize our lives from a place of love.

Claim the inner power to affect positive change and make a difference for us and others. Self-mastery is when we become unstuck and flow with the principles of nature.


Listen to the silence. The One that pervades all beings. It is the silence of love and it will guide us back to itself. We all have important roles to play in the world, and for that we must begin to root ourselves more deeply in the silence.

Behold the mystery of creation that resides within the space that underlies all creation. Take off the ‘mind’ let it reside beside us. Let the magnificence of who we truly are, shine out like a beacon.

Allow existence to be as it is, not as we would “want” it, and plunge into the heart of the universe, for it has been longing for this moment to draw us into itself. Surrender ourselves to this flow, from a joyful experience in creation to the dissolution back into the Self.

May the indescribable and unseen forces in the Himalayas assist us on our spiritual journey.

Written by Savitri (Jenny Cottingham)

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