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A journey into a Mystic India Secret Tradition – insight into the magical world of Nagar Babas

Updated: Jan 31, 2019

Wisdom can be found in the most unlikely places. The ancient order of naked yogis, clothed only in leopard skin cloth and ash, live in places of power associated with Shiva, with pure consciousness. Although they roam from place to place, many live out the summer at the powerful jyothir lingam at Kedarnath. Often reviled and shunned, Nagar Baba’s carry tridents and smoke ganja. They see themselves as the army of Shiva, and as shamans carry special blessing power through their close association with nature, the expression of Shiva, of consciousness.

Who or what is Shiva? The master of death, the annihilator of false identity and the gateway to the timeless Self beyond the ego. I discovered the power inherent in the Shiva energy embodied by the Nagar Babas on my recent pilgrimage to Kedarnath. They transmitted to me the transcendent dimension of reality, beyond experience of the senses. They taught me that life is a state of flow and that nothing we enjoy in this physical realm is permanent, yet the Shiva dimension, the flow of consciousness, exists everywhere. When we align ourselves with this everchanging flow our own lives will become blessed.

Blessings come in many guises. I contracted a serious illness in Kedarnath. The vital person I knew myself to be, was annihilated! I had to learn the art of letting go, of not clinging, of releasing old identities. Aditi Giri taught me that in order to grow we must be ready to dissolve that which is not serving; that ultimately destruction becomes transformation.

Embracing Shiva will allow us to interrupt the patterns of our stories and make a quantum leap in consciousness.

Most of us want to grow and transform but do not want to give up investment in old stories and identities. We often define ourselves through our life story. Embracing Shiva will allow us to interrupt the patterns of our stories and make a quantum leap in consciousness. Shiva dares us to face our challenges within and without. He presents the power of fire, the mastery of energy signified by the tridents the Naga Babas hold.

We all have painful experiences in life but instead of falling into victim consciousness we can use these to transform and evolve. Pain can become a relevant experience that can take us deeper into humility and courage.

A journey to the Himalayas is an invitation to let go of old patterns and identities and allow the wisdom of those who roam in its folds, to transmit their transforming power.

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